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Green Venezuela Tour In The Big Plains, Amazons, Autana Tepuy Expedition And Orinoco Delta

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Code-ALB-E702 In the heart of Venezuela, are the big Plains, one of the largest natural wildlife South America. This region abounds in history, culture and an unforgettable folk music. Its climate, vegetation and rivers make . .
Country: Venezuela
City: Amazons
Duration: 12 Day(s) - 11 Night(s)
Tour Category: Eco Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
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In the heart of Venezuela, are the big Plains, one of the largest natural wildlife South America. This region abounds in history, culture and an unforgettable folk music. Its climate, vegetation and rivers make this area an attractive heaven for wildlife from the surrounding areas. Life in the Venezuelan savannas constantly change dramatically in the cycle of drought and rainy, so the rivers during floods seemingly endless, turn to dust during the dry season. The reserves, with areas of hundreds of hectares of pastures, forests, savannah and rivers, provide shelter to a wide variety of animal species. The Venezuelan Plains are a unique blend of the American West and Safaris in the African Savannah. There, people still hunt and gather, preserve traditional customs. And the “llaneros”, dusty cowboys, try to tame their so wild and uncontrollable land. The Autana Tepuy the sacred mountain of the Piaroa Community located in the Amazons region rise from the jungles, together with metamorphic granite formations. The travelers will enjoy the expedition boarding a canoe along the Sipapo River until the Autana River, passing floodable forests, sandy beaches, a few rapids and weird rock formations. They will also have the chance to meet Piaroa and Wahibo Indians at the camp of Ceeguera, which offers a spectacular view of the 1.300 m high Autana tepuy. In the Wahari mountain, where you can enjoy a spectacular 360 degree view of all the surroundings (jungles, rivers and mountain formations.) Finally the adventure will end in the Orinoco Delta, where wildlife still abounds in the banks of the mighty Orinoco River…

12 days / 11 nights

Day 1. Caracas Littoral

Arrival and assistance at the airport in Maiquetía. Welcome by a representative of Alborada Venezuela. Briefing of the tour private transfer to the hotel. Overnight in the Caracas Littoral.

Day 2. The natural reserves in the Plains - (BLD)

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Barinas. Arrival and transfer to the Ranch, located in Apure State. Photo Safari excursion. Lunch. Unforgettable trip along the River, a perfect opportunity to observe the Orinoco Goose, the Baguarí Stork, the American Herons, the King Vulture, Great Horned Owls, Brazilians Ducks, Macaws and more than 300 species of birds. You'll also be exciting close encounters with capybaras (the world's largest rodent), caiman, anacondas, freshwater dolphins, armadillos, tapirs, jaguars and giant anteaters. In the middle of the river lies “The Island of los Chácharos”, where you can see a large number of birds. Dinner and overnight.

Day 3. The Plains (BLD)

After enjoying the breakfast, excursion to discover the flora and fauna, combining hiking and horseback riding or surfing the lakes and rivers in the company of a naturalist guide. Return to the Ranch for lunch and to recover energy for the depart to other the evening If you're lucky, you will have fun with performances by a local folk group, playing traditional instruments of The Plains: “ Arpa,” “ Cuatro” and “ Maracas,” and dances presented by local people wearing the costumes of the region (for groups). Dinner and overnight.

Day 4. The Plains – The Amazons “Puerto Ayacucho” (BLD)

Breakfast. Enjoy the last minutes in the Ranch, exploring the natural surroundings or just relaxing in one of the hammocks while waiting for the departure time. Land transfer to Puerto Ayacucho, the capital of Amazonas State and located on the right bank of the Orinoco River. Currently, a warm but lively river port is located in front of the picturesque Colombian population of Casuarito, what motivates an interesting movement of passengers and trade between the two locations. The landscape on the outskirts draws a lot of attention with its large black stones, grassy savannas and green “morichales”, (a type of palm trees) through which sparkling streams run. Accommodation in Puerto Ayacucho.

Day 5. Puerto Ayacucho – Autana (BLD)

Breakfast. Jeep tour to Samariapo Port. During the tour (45min), crossing of the Orinoco River floodplains and passing through the Maipures and Atures non-navigable torrents. Beginning of the navigation in motored dugout with roof, down the Orinoco River to Ratón Island, after a break on the island continuation up to Sipapo River. Lunch at a small waterfall (Caldron rapids) and enjoy a refreshing swim. The navigation continues to Autana River. Arrival to the Indigenous community “Boca de Autana”, where you will dine and sleep in hammocks with mosquito nets. We will spend the night sharing with the indigenous and with the shaman of the community.

Day 6. “Piaroa” Indigenous community– Autana River (BLD)

A good breakfast energizes the traveler to walk in the jungle around the community. Then take the boat to sail up the Autana River. Visit to some “Piaroa” communities in the area and continue the journey to reach the “Ceguera Torrent” in front of the breathtaking Autana, where Indians await the visitors to lunch. After a break, walk 2 hours to the top of the Wahari Hill. From this magical place you can contemplate the vastness of the Amazon jungle with the Autana in front. We can fish and swim in the clear waters. Dinner and overnight in hammocks with mosquitos nets in the Piaroa Community, on the banks of the river facing the Grand Autana.

Day 7. Samariapo Port – Puerto Ayacucho (BL)

After breakfast we continue down the river to reach Samariapo port. Lunch along the way to continue navigating until Puerto Ayacucho. Visit to the ethnological museum. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 8. Maturin (BD)

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Maturin by Caracas. Transfer to a cattle ranch with more than a million hectares located in the plains near the Orinoco Delta. Enjoy the contact with nature in the east of the Venezuelan plains and the Delta. If time allows, we will be able to ride horses, see the work of farmers, admire the vast plains or just relax in the hammocks. Dinner and overnight.

Day 9. Orinoco Delta (BLD)

Breakfast. Transfer to the heart of the Orinoco Delta, arrive to the pier to take the Indian boat and navigate till the Camp in Orinoco Delta. The Orinoco River, which goes along the inner side of the country, and which in the Indian language means “father of our land”, has formed over the millennia, one of the largest deltas in the world. This is a vast region of wild forest, damp jungles and mangrove swamps through which flows an intricate system of rivers, estuaries and channels carrying the waters of this great river to one or another of its more than 70 major mouths. In this labyrinth lots of very small bayous grow in size and the great channels turn into swamps. This primitive land is inhabited by the Warao Indians whose adaptation to an amphibious life and utilization of the limited resources of a world strange to most people has fascinated visitors to the Delta since the 16th century. Jungles activities to discover this strange world, in the heart of the Orinoco Delta. Fantastic adventure through the green jungle of the Delta. The tour is approx. 1 hour from the port of Boca de Uracoa. Installation in double cabins with beds and private bathroom. Lunch. Visit to the Warao indigenous community. Then experience the adventure of an exotic jungle walk where you will have close contact with the flora and fauna, and possible piranha fishing. Sometimes night trips are made by canoe. At night you can buy a drink at the bar in the riverbank. Dinner and Accommodation.

Day 10. Orinoco Delta (BLD)

Breakfast. Excursion and several activities in the delta: navigation through different channels, observation of flora and fauna, walking in the middle of the forest and learning about certain plants and their uses; fishing the fierce piranha. Dinner and overnight.

Day 11. Orinoco Delta – Caracas (B)

Breakfast. Early in the morning enjoy the lush beauty of the fauna of this region. Free time to relax. Waterway transfer to the pier. And then to the Maturin Airport to fly back to Caracas. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight in Caracas

Day 12. Caracas (B)

Breakfast. Excursion to Caracas’ cable car, in your way you will have a panoramic sight of the city. Enjoy the splendorous view of the capital from the Avila Mountain. Have a close look of the Humboldt Hotel, an architectural structure built on the highest point of the Mountain. Admire from far away the view of the Caribbean Sea and “Galipan”: a little town located between Caracas and La Guaira. From this point, the altitude is approximately 2.850 mts. Panoramic view of Caracas through its main roads, highways and avenues. Transfer to the airport to take your international flight back home.


  • Assistance at the airports.
  • All Private land and fluvial transfers
  • 1 night in Caracas Littoral with breakfast.
  • 2 nights in The Plains with full board and excursions.
  • 2 nights in Amazons (Puerto Ayacucho) with full board.
  • 2 Nights Autana´s expedition in hammocks, with full board and soft drinks
  • 1 night in Maturin at the Tropical Ranch with breakfast and dinner.
  • 2 nights in the Orinoco Delta with full board.
  • 1 night in Caracas with breakfast.
  • Excursions:
  • Photo Safari in The Plains.
  • Expedition to Autana Tepuy
  • All excursions in Orinoco Delta
  • Excursion to Caracas Cable Car
  • Local guides
  • All domestic flights:

* Caracas – Barinas

* Puerto Ayacucho – Caracas

* Caracas – Maturín - Caracas

Not Included:

  • Domestic airport taxes.

Note: After this exhausting but rewarding experience, choice and Extension and relax in one of the beautiful beaches of Venezuela, like:


  • Margarita Island
  • The Colonial town of Choroni
  • Mochima National Park
  • Or for the more adventurous people, can continue the Expedition to Canaima National Park.

Extension 1. Margarita Island – Porlamar

3 days / 2 nights

Day 13. Caracas – Porlamar (D)

Transfer to the airport for the flight to Porlamar, commercial and tourist center of Margarita Island. Arrival and transfer to the hotel. Free day to enjoy the many activities the island offers such as water sports, nightlife and one of the largest free port in the Caribbean, perfect for shopping in the most exclusive shops. Accommodation in a 4 star hotel, in front of one of the most popular beaches on the island. All-inclusive System.

Days 14. Margarita Island (BLD)

Free day in Margarita Island, All Inclusive system.

Day 15. Porlamar – Caracas (BL)

After breakfast, transfer to the airport in Porlamar to take the flight back to Caracas, and then to take the international flight.


  • 2 nights “All-inclusive system” in Margarita Island.
  • Domestic flights: Caracas - Porlamar / Porlamar- Caracas.

Not included:

  • Domestic Airport taxes

For optional excursions please refer to Margarita Island in Mini Packages: Margarita Island.

Extension 2. Choroní, Cocoa and Drums

In the road that crosses the Henri Pittier National Park, in the middle of the dimmed forests, you begin to enjoy the trip to this beautiful Caribbean coast located three hours away ride from Caracas. This small village offers the tourist culture, the flavor of the best cocoa of the world and contagious afro Caribbean rhythms that unfold during the weekends in the town's levee. The visitors are invited to participate and enjoy the compasses of the drums.

3 days / 2 nights

Day 13. Choroní (B)

Land departure to Choroní. Cross the city of Maracay, then start the crossing to Henri Pittier Park where you can enjoy a nature rich in flora and fauna. Arrival to Choroní (3 hours approx.) Installation in a comfortable Posada. Dinner and overnight.

Day 14. Choroni – Chuao (BL)

Breakfast. Prepare to take a "peñero" (traditional boat) that will take you to the town of Chuao, accessible only by sea. Visit this small town and enjoy a cup of the best cocoa in the world. Lunch on the beach. After a visit to the river, relax on the shores of its beautiful beach and enjoy watching the traditional ways of making natural chocolate. Return to the Posada at dark. Dinner and overnight.

Day 15. Choroni – Caracas (B)

Breakfast. Transfer to the Maiquetia International Airport to take the flight back home.


  • 2 nights in Choroní with breakfast
  • All the transfers in private
  • Full day to Chuao with lunch
  • Local Guide

Extension 3. Canaima National Park

3 days /2 nights

Day 13. Puerto Ordaz

Transfer to the airport. Take the flight to Puerto Ordaz and transfer to the hotel, overnight.

Day 14. Canaima National Park (BLD)

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport Flight to Canaima National Park . One of the most beautiful National Parks in South America, with numerous water falls, including the Angel Falls, the Highest in the World. Canaima National Park can be reached only by plane and is known by the spectacular skyline of towering tepuys and for being the perfect place to have peace of mind. Visitors must know that the main attraction of the Park resides in the savage beauty of the landscape that is one of the geologically oldest parts of our planet. A unique and breathtaking location. Flight over the vast plains of the Venezuelan Guyana until the "Lost World" Arrival at Canaima National Park. Canoe tour through the Canaima Lagoon to be as closed as possible to the many waterfalls that flow into it. Prepare to start the hike to Salto Sapo. During the tour, walk under the curtain formed by the falling water. Return to the lodge. Enjoy a relaxing swim in the beautiful beaches of this immense National Park with its pink sand and dark water, with medicinal powers as the indigenous believe. Dinner and overnight at the lodge.

Day 15. Canaima –Caracas (B)

Breakfast. Transfer to the airport to take the flight to Caracas. Connection with the international flight.


  • 1 night accommodation in Puerto Ordaz with breakfast.
  • 1 night accommodation in Canaima National Park with full board
  • Excursions mentioned
  • Land and river transfers
  • Local guides
  • Domestic flights:
  • Puerto Ordaz – Canaima - –Caracas

Not included:

  • Entry fee to Canaima National Park
  • Domestic Airport taxes

Extension 4. Mochima National Park

3 days /2 nights

Day 13. Mochima National Park (BD)

Private land transfer to Mochima (4 hours). Accommodation in a Posada near the sea. Walk along the boardwalk watching the life of a Caribbean village. Dinner and Overnight.

Days 14. Mochima National Park (BLD)

Breakfast. Mochima bay is one of the favorite beaches in Venezuela for its calm waters, where sailing enthusiasts find the ideal conditions for practicing such a relaxing sport. This park is also ideal for scuba diving and other water activities, since nearly 80% of its land lies within waters of the Caribbean Sea. Relax in the beach and enjoy a boat tour in Mochima National Park with lunch. Hopefully you can see the dolphins dancing in the waters around your boat, a wonderful spectacle Back to the Posada. Dinner and overnight.

Day 15. Mochima National Park – Caracas (B)

Breakfast. Transfer to Barcelona airport to take the flight to Caracas.


  • 2 nights in Mochima with breakfast and Dinners included.
  • Excursions mentioned
  • Private Land transfers
  • Local guide in the excursion
  • Flight Mochima - Caracas

Not included:

  • Domestic Airport taxes
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