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Code-ALB-E705-A La Guaira Aruba Colon Cartagena - Curacao 10 days / 9 nights LOW SEASON / HIGH SEASON Departures: January 5th 12th 19th February 2nd 9th 16th 23rd March 1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th April 5th 12th 19th May 5th 10th . .
Country: Venezuela
City: Caribbean Sea
Duration: 10 Day(s) - 9 Night(s)
Tour Category: Cruise Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
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La Guaira – Aruba – Colon – Cartagena - Curacao

10 days / 9 nights




5th 12th 19th


2nd 9th 16th 23rd


1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th


5th 12th 19th


5th 10th 17th


- Assistance at the airport

- Private transfers airport- hotel- airport

- Private transfers hotel - port- hotel

- 1 night in Caracas with breakfast and taxes

- 1 night in La Guaira with breakfast and taxes

- 7 nights in the Ship Monarch with All Inclusive in DBL cabin according to your selection

- Alcoholic Drinks

- Snacks

- Midnight Dinner

- Shows

- Tips on the ship

- Port Taxes

- Insurance

Not Included:

- Services not mentioned in the program

Note: Prepayment is required 3 months before the trip.



Board a bus with air conditioning and enjoy the city of Cartagena de Indias. Among the attractions, you can admire its colonial architecture in places such as the Republican neighborhood Manga, followed by one of the most impressive works of Spanish military engineering in South America, Fort San Felipe de Barajas where we will stop to take some photos, later on we will stop at a handicrafts shop in the vaults.

Admire the Plaza Bolivar in the historic center of the city and visit the Palace of the Inquisition, at the Court of the Inquisition created to punish crimes against the Catholic faith, in this museum you can appreciate the different forms of torture implemented during that time and on the second floor, a tour of the social and cultural history of the city that includes a large-scale map of the route to India, enjoy the rich and vibrant culture and history of this beautiful colonial city crossing streets and squares of the historic center, visit the Monastery of San Pedro Claver, patron of slaves and the Caribbean Naval Museum where you will enjoy a folkloric show and a refreshing drink. Admire a panoramic view of the walled city on your way to the Boca Grande area, known for its variety of hotels and shops.


Enjoy learning about the fascinating history of the city of Cartagena de Indias, military strategies, and strong defenses during your visit to Santiago Bastion, later in the walk enjoy the vibrant culture and history of this colonial city.

Tour through the beautiful streets and squares of the historic center such as St. Peter's Square, with its monastery and church, the Plaza de la Aduana, and surroundings with imposing buildings like the Cathedral and the Palace of Government, later we will visit Plaza Bolivar with its impressive statue of Simón Bolívar “The Liberator” and opposite the Palace of the Inquisition with all the history that this implies. The last stop will be at The Vaults shop, to buy some handicrafts.


Go on Chiva! Enjoy Cartagena de Indias surrounded by an amazing atmosphere of joy and fun while touring the most significant sites on board our Chiva Rumbera. Enjoy an open bar with national alcoholic drinks, dance to the beat of a live musical group, and appreciate the vibrant culture of the city in his tour through Manga, Boca Grande, Castillo Grande, and more.


On board a bus with air conditioning enjoy the city of Cartagena de Indias. Among the attractions, you can admire its colonial architecture. Then, we will reach the Plaza de Santa Teresa, where we will board our carriage and start our tour around the city streets. Enjoy the vibrant culture and history of this colonial city visiting the beautiful streets and squares in the downtown, full of historic and colorful architecture. After his tour enjoy some free time for shopping at The Vaults, before returning to the ship.



We will depart from the port and begin our journey with a scenic drive through Otrobanda (the other side) of the city we can see the beautiful scenery, some old and typical mansions, and pass by the famous bridge that connects both sides of Willemstad, the capital of Curacao. From here we will have a privileged view of the city and the harbor entrance. Later, we will make our first stop in Chobolobo, which houses the famous liquor distillery "Blue Curacao".

After enjoying a taste of this alcoholic drink we will have the opportunity to buy a bottle of this popular liquor. Then we head towards the eastern part of the island and the residential area of ​​Jan Thiel where we will visit the "Caribbean Handcraft" featuring a variety of local products.

From the terrace you can admire a great panorama, some yacht clubs and sailboats from around the world. Next, we will stop to enjoy a refreshing swim on one of the most famous beaches of Curacao. At the end, we will go back to Willemstad to return to the port-


Join us to enjoy a pleasant trip, visiting first, the Hato Caves. Here the guides will take you through these caves while telling stories of fantasy, you will see some stalactites and stalagmites, and the mysterious lighting, will reveal curious shapes that attract our attention. Our next destination will be Boca St. Michiel where we will make a brief stop for photos and if we are lucky we can see the beautiful pink flamingos.

From here, we will head to one of the best beaches on the island. Here you can relax, swim, or snorkel to explore the amazing underwater world of Curacao. After this stop, we go back to our bus to enjoy a scenic tour of the city center listed as World Heritage in the list made by UNESCO.


Curacao is known worldwide for its beautiful and exclusive beaches. Its intense crystalline waters and warm sea breeze will be fun to explore. Leaving the port we will go to the beach Sea Aquarium, one of the most popular beaches on the island. Whether you want to relax or enjoy the sea, you'll find everything you are looking for. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed with a fruit cocktail and will have available a hammock during the day. You will also find several bars and restaurants available.

If you are ready for adventure you can participate in various water sports at the center of activity. There are also two diving centers where you can rent the equipment to explore the amazing underwater world of Curacao. An unforgettable experience to live with family and friends.


In the port, we will board the catamaran “Pelican Express" and get ready to start our tour. Passing along the south coast we have a magnificent panoramic view of the island, while the guide provides information about Curacao. After our arrival we can visit the Sea Aquarium with more than 400 exotic species of marine fauna, this experience will bring unforgettable memories to our trip. Here you have free time to visit the famous aquarium.

As a final point may go to the beach and enjoy the Caribbean waters.


From the port, we will be transferred to the world-famous Curacao Sea Aquarium. Once in the aquarium, our guide will take you to the reception of the Academy to join the activities. After a brief explanation of snorkel safety procedures and how to feed various marine animals proceed to snorkel for 40 minutes under the water with the help of our PADI-certified instructors. It is a safe and exciting excursion for people with or without experience in snorkeling.

Feel the thrill of having a close encounter with sharks, turtles, rays, and beautiful Caribbean fishes. An aquatic adventure and adrenaline where our certified instructors will guide you step by step through all stages of this unforgettable adventure.

After the activity, we will have time to relax, enjoy the facilities, and share the experience with friends and family. To complete the tour we will have some time to visit the aquarium before returning to the port.


Enjoy the unique experience of real interaction while swimming with dolphins! During this excursion, dolphins will join us gently allowing us to interact with them. We will be able to give them different signals to sing, dart around, and say hello. For the dorsal ride, two dolphins will pick you up and take you for a walk while you grab their dorsal fins. Swim and enjoy your time with these lovable marine mammals. Before the activity begins, you will receive instructions from the dolphin trainers


Suitable physical conditions are required.

Adrenaline, fun, and adventure are the most appropriate words to describe this unforgettable excursion. Start this adventure by navigating the waters of the Caribbean. Once at sea, will be surprised by the cliffs, beautiful beaches, coves, and the deep blue sea. We sail contemplating luxurious mansions and impressive yachts and you can even watch flying fish and turtles. Finally, we will go to a beautiful beach before returning to the port.


On this tour, you can experience the island of Curacao in a very special way. There will be no engines or large groups of people; only us, nature, and the crystalline waters of the Caribbean! Departing from the port we moved to our starting point and after having been informed of some useful tips by our guide, we began our kayaking adventure. We start traveling under an old pier, where we will be surprised how the sun changes the color of the sea - a beauty that is unique in the Caribbean. If we look carefully, we can even see red coral reefs underwater.

Then we will go to Doctor`s Bay to start our snorkeling experience. Here we will take a look at the underwater marine world, and we can also see a shipwreck. At the end of our adventure, we will go back to the port.

Note: This excursion is not recommended for people who have back problems or people in wheelchairs. The minimum age to participate in this excursion is 6 years. The passengers should have a good physical condition to participate in this tour. All the snorkel equipment and safeguards will be provided by us.


Get on the bus with us and discover the hidden treasures of the city along the route that leads to the best beach in Curacao. Escape to a beach with white sand and clear water to swim, relax under a coconut tree, and get the perfect tan. Participants may register for snorkeling activity that is included with the tour to discover a sunken sailboat and Jan Thiel reef with rich marine life. At the time indicated by our guide, we will return to the port.



Private Palm Island is the perfect place to indulge in the delights of the Caribbean Sea. From lounging on the beach or walking up through a snorkel kit included in the price. We begin our tour addressing our air-conditioned bus for a short transfer to the ferry port. Upon arrival, you will receive a brief orientation on De Palm Island and its amenities, including Blue Parrotfish Water Park. Then, enjoy your free time to snorkel, sunbathe, swim, and enjoy the water park slides, play volleyball games, or enjoy the latest novelty; the banana boat ride. You can also book in our counter option.

Unlimited drinks and a full buffet lunch are included. Beach chairs and freshwater showers are also provided for your enjoyment. Palm Island offers all; from spectacular coral formations to a huge variety of tropical fauna. An unforgettable experience for the whole family.


The latest trend of fun is not lost underwater! Put on your wetsuit and enjoy this unforgettable experience. Imagine the possibility of exploring the underwater world in a helmet specially designed with an air system. Both children and adults will enjoy exploring the marine beauties at a depth of 20 meters.

Your experience will last one hour and fill up with emotions from the beginning to the end. Including instructor, equipment, placement, and tour. The minimum of people required for this excursion is up to 8 people.

Note: only available to those who purchase De Palm Island excursion.


We will meet our local guide to board our bus and enjoy the best of Aruba. Enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere to the rhythm of the background music as we head to the capital, Oranjestad to admire the beauty of the typical buildings from the Dutch colonial architecture.

Our first stop will be the Aloe Factory where, after a brief explanation we will tour around the factory and visit the museum of Aloe. Then we will travel to the outskirts of town to discover the rich flora and fauna of the rocky road to Aruba Casibari Rock formation in the center of the island. Back to the bus to go to the northwestern part of the island, the California Lighthouse, where we will have the opportunity to enjoy its magnificent views.


With Atlantis Submarines, the biggest tourist attraction in Aruba, you'll enjoy an unforgettable underwater excursion. The Atlantis is one of the most technologically advanced submarines in the world and the passengers descend 36 meters to explore the mysterious seas of Aruba and see the remains of two shipwrecks. Both points offer spectacular views and reveal a very unique and abundant marine life. The vessel is certified by the United States Coast Guard. An exciting journey, do not miss the bottom of the Caribbean Sea!

Note: The minimum age for this excursion is 4 years old.


Enjoy the beauty of Aruba on a tour that will take you around the island and the charms of the Caribbean! On board of the SeaWorld Explorer a large glass-bottom ship, enjoy the incredible marine life and observe the remains of Atnitlla. Returning to shore, visit the California Lighthouse where you can admire the view of the waves breaking on the shore. Then the Casibari rock formations are shown and the Natural Bridge rock formed naturally by the wind and the motion of the sea bridge.

Finally, we head to Oranjestad to return to the port.


On board our comfortable air-conditioned bus, we will head in about 30 minutes to California Lighthouse located on the Windward coast of Aruba.

We will cross the arid land of the island, home to cacti, divi-divi trees, iguanas, and wild goats while we move to the Alto Vista chapel, where the Indians were converted into Catholics. Then the tour will take us to see the ruins of The Natural Bridge, one of the highlights of the island where the sea has carved a natural arch. Here we can see the old and original bridge. Next, we head towards the famous Casibari rock formations where giant rocks lie piled on the landscape.


Board your bus covered with an explosion of bright colors and Caribbean and get ready to experience the sights that have become so popular in Aruba and worldwide! Palm Beach is the longest and largest beach on the island. Relax and enjoy the Caribbean breeze and spectacular views. You can enjoy four hours surrounded by spectacular turquoise and crystalline waters adorned with white sandy beaches.

Note: The beach chairs are included. Your tour will end at the cruise terminal. Do not forget to bring a beach towel and your swimsuit and get ready to see and enjoy the most popular beaches in Aruba!



The Panama Canal has three sluicegates two located near the Pacific coast (the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Sluicegates) and the third along the Atlantic (the Gatun sluice gates). Of these three locks, the most impressive of all and worth visiting is the Gatun. Because the three chambers are connected, you will have the opportunity to see the process completed in a single location, rather than in two stages as with the locks of Miraflores and Pedro Miguel. A boat takes about two hours to complete the transition from the Gatun Sluicegates whether heading north or south.

There is a tower for visitors above the locks. We will have an opportunity to take good pictures from this location.


Leaving the port we will be transported in buses to the Observation Deck of the Panama Canal Expansion. Here we can observe and learn about the progress of this magnificent building which will consist of a system of sluicegates for the transit of larger ships. The project creates a new line of traffic on the Canal by building a new set of sluicegates. After enjoying this wonderful visit we will return to port.


In this fantastic tour, we will visit the Gatun locks in 45 minutes, the most impressive of all the 3 sluicegates that form the Panama Canal. There is a tower for visitors above the locks. We will have an opportunity to take good pictures from this location. Continuing our tour we will be led to Shopping Metromall located in Panama City to enjoy shopping.


Transfer to the Miraflores Visitors Center where we will observe the live operation of the Miraflores Locks; you will watch a video that displays the channel construction and the plans with the new set of locks. Then we will make a tour of the modern city, followed by a walk from the old town visiting Panama Cathedral, the Plaza de Francia, the Simon Bolivar Park, and the National Theatre. Finally, we will enjoy a traditional lunch.


During our city tour, we will visit “The Old Panama" and the modern city traveling along the coastal belt land with a beautiful panoramic view of the growing capital city, located between the two cities (colonial and modern).

The guide will tell us historical, cultural, and key facts of the country. The Old Panama was sacked by Henry Morgan Corsair in 1671; we will observe the tower of the church Our Lady of the Assumption (Nuestra Señora de la Asunción) and the various convents and monasteries that made up the ancient city. Panama is well known for its variety and of course, low prices. Enjoy your visit to one of the most extravagant shopping centers in Latin America and be amazed by the amount of products you will have the opportunity to buy in this city.


This tour starts addressing transport for a distance of approximately 90 minutes to the Miraflores Visitor Center! Arriving at the Observation Centre of the Miraflores Locks we will be able to watch a documentary on the history of locks and at the same time have the opportunity to see ships passing through these locks and their entire operation from the top floor of the Centre. Miraflores Locks are part of the engineering marvel that forms the Panama Canal.

The gates of the Miraflores Locks are the highest of the three locks, due to the extreme variation of the tide that takes place in the Pacific Ocean; the variation of the tides on the Atlantic coast is much lower. Depending on the size of each boat, one can see from 1-3 boats that make the transit simultaneously. From the time a ship comes into the locks, it takes about 10 minutes to complete the process.

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