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Tropical Andes

Tropical Andes, Venezuela

One of the enchanting geological formation of the world, facing the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Amazon and Orinoco basins on the east, expanses through seven countries: Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and finally Venezuela. The Venezuelan Andes are located on the western side of the country. A place to find nice perfect weather under the Tropical sun, deep Valleys with snow, lined peaks and the most enchanting presence of the native culture. The Andes with peaks topping 16,000 feet delight the eye with their serene beauty. Nestling among the slopes of these high mountains laid a number of small towns, villages and bustling cities. Handcraft and agriculture give to this region its character and the warmth ness of its people make it a unique charming place. This is the region of the incredible “Paramo” and the highest Cable car in the world.

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