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Roraima Tepuy

Roraima, Venezuela

In this wonderful expedition to Roraima Tepuy you will discover another world. The Roraima is one of the oldest, exotic and strangest places of the planet. It integrates the group of mountains of the “Macizo Guayanés” with a relief in shape of a table, which were formed about 2 billion years ago. The Roraima Tepuy belongs 80% to Venezuela, 10% to Brazil and the rest to the British Guyana. For the Indians communities that live in these areas, each “Tepuy” represents a God, for them, they are sacred places that nature has given them as a gift. Trek across marvelous sites of tropical savannah and amazons jungles, a fauna and flora , preserved  ( 70% endemic life style),thanks to the specific evolution of this formation, arising savannahs to the base of the mountain and to a meadow alive with multi-colored birds and fireflies, considered in guidebooks as being one of the best places in the world. Explore and feel the rush described by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Lost World. The Roraima wall is extremely impressive, rising 2,727 mts directly with the quartz in the rock glittering in the late afternoon sun. 

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