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Pristine Coche Island

Coche Island, Venezuela

Located south of Margarita, approximately thirty minutes by boat from Punta de Piedras, Coche is one of the areas of the insular region facing the Caribbean Sea. Is a good choice for those who go hunting for leisurely vacations and peace of mind. The tranquility of their beaches is also very attractive for diving and windsurfing. In this 38 Kms shore, winds reach 20 knots from December to June and 18 knots the rest of the year. Cycling is also a good option to develop in this area. Climbing dunes and earthy paths, or visiting the towns on board of a bicycle is also an unforgettable adventure. The vegetation is scarce throughout the length and width of Coche island surface, controlled by the promoter of arid and reddened land, which in some places remind of the Grand Canyon. The mag circuit composed by El Yaque and Coche island will make water sports lovers return several times to live again those exciting moments .Kitesurf is not as difficult as you can imagine. You need a little patience, coordination and understand the wind movements. Following your lessons with our certified team and your big motivation, in a very short time you will feel the emotion of flying under the calm and warm Caribbean Sea. 

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