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Grand Savannah

Grand Savannah, Venezuela

Sacred land of grandiosity and mystery. Grand Savannah means expansion of mind.

In this magic excursion you will cross “El Dorado”, on a 4x4 vehicle, with their gold and diamond mines, indigenous villages and admire the vast extension of the savannah, its clear-water rivers and sandy areas, quiet pools and cascading waterfalls. Discover the Savannah, land of mythical Tepuys (each Tepuy is associated with an ancient Pemon God), spectacular ancient table-top mountains isolated by the erosion of time, the oldest rock formations in the world free from the human influence. We crossed to that world out of time, described by writer Conan Doyle in his novel “THE LOST WORLD”. Lodge at camps far away from civilization. This kind of expeditions requires the collaboration of everyone and a good sense of cohabitation among participants.

In Grand Savannah there are also rich gold deposits and diamond, mines, reserves of Coltan, Iridium, Plutonium and other minerals irreplaceables to make produts for nuclear armament, aerospace engineering and telecomunications.  

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