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Exotic Paria Peninsula

Peninsula De Paria, Venezuela

At this place, placidity of past times comes alive, with the color of the sea. The sea breeze seems to fill with Caribbean blue a village scented by the ocean. This is the place where Christopher Columbus arrived, thinking that he was arriving to Paradise. In Rio Caribe, a colonial village near the sea, you will feel that it is possible to enjoy the charm of the colonial past in our times. Rio Caribe is one of the places that keep the classic architecture of the time, big houses with red roofs and beautiful inside “patios”. Its long deserted beaches, surrounded by palms, the green vegetation all year long with a rain forest, give shelter for hundred birds. Is present the strength of the Orinoco River and its Delta, which flows its water into the sea. In 1900 the region had a wave of Europeans immigrants that were seeking fortune in the cocoa plantations. Nowadays is an important Fish Industry Center.


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