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Amazons Region

Amazons, Venezuela

This tour will take you to the Amazons Jungles, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. On the shore of one of the longest rivers in the planet: Orinoco river. The capital of the Amazons State in Venezuela is Puerto Ayacucho, where the main airport receiving domestic flights is located. 45 % of the area is protected, and it comprises the largest Biosphere reserve of tropical rainforest of the world, nearly 1.5 times the size of Costa Rica. This region is one of the most pristine and sparsely populated of Venezuela .The access to this region is limited and entering it is a real adventure. The dense and tangled vegetation of the Amazon Jungle is intersected by plenty of small rivers that one crosses on rustic wooden bridges built by the Indigenous. Region of large rock formation, of interesting ethnological exhibit of the life and environment of some Indigenous communities, and most of all a region where there are still unexplained mysteries. Among its major attractive your will find The Majestic Autana Tepuy , exotic tropical landscapes, the beauty of the Orinoco River and the exoticism of its flora and fauna , make you dream of a ”Primitive World” far from time and civilization . Take a journey of discovery into the heart of the Amazon and experience the uniqueness of the landscape of this region. In the south of Venezuela, about 20 minutes from Puerto Ayacucho, is located Orinoquia Lodge in the Amazons. Due to its extraordinary indigenous architectural style and its splendid location right on the banks of the river, this lodge is part of the most beautiful in Venezuela. It was built to tune with its natural surroundings. The 12 rooms are small churuatas, built on a large granite rock and natural materials that harmonize perfectly with its surroundings.

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