Exploring Tourism in Venezuela
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Venezuela Popular Places to Visit

Ciudad Bolivar City

Ciudad Bolivar is one of the cities in the country that holds more history museums in squares and streets. One of the most interesting places in this city is the historic center with Plaza Bolivar where it is, besides the house of the Congress of Angostura, the cathedral with its ocher color, the Casa Piar, the parish house and the

Santa Elena De Uairén Village

Santa Elena is a free port since 1999. Its economy is based on trade, mining and tourism, this thanks to its proximity to the Natural Monuments of the Gran Sabana.

Maracaibo City

Beautiful city known as Sol Amada, constituent as the second largest city in Venezuela, responsible for the economy of Venezuela, where it is extracted, refines and exports a high percentage of Venezuelan oil. City full of contrasts where the customs, traditions and gastronomy procediente centuries, where own economic, cultural and technological activity of any city in the world is set

Puerto Ordaz City

Puerto Ordaz is one of the fastest growing cities and most modern in the country. It is undoubtedly the best planned city in Venezuela. In this thriving city are the most important companies for exploration and production of iron and aluminum. Among the biggest attractions that the city are the Cachamay and La LLovizna parks, where you can see a lush

Catatumbo Lightning Guinnes 2016

The Catatumbo Lightning is a natural phenomenon that produces numerous thunderstorms in the basin of Lake Maracaibo, in the fishing village of Congo Mirador, belonging to the Venezuelan state of Zulia. The phenomenon can be observed from April to November, from 20:00 hours until dawn, for 240 nights a year. Venezuelan storms generate a high amount of ozone resulting in 10% of

Black Lagoon

Excursion to the Paramo and the Black Lagoon, one of the most beautiful and unusual settings for a lagoon in the Andean mountain range. Trekking until the lagoon or just ride a horse.

The Highest Cable Car In The World

The new modern Cable Car System, the highest and the second longest in the world, after long works, had open his door offering all the visitors the extraordinary views of Andes Mountains. It is the first and unique in the world to combine so high with so many kilometers long. The Merida Cable Car has 12.5 kilometers of route, reaching an

Coffee Plantation And Jaji Village

Reach the Colonial Village of Jaji and visit a wonderful Coffee Plantation where you will be amazed by the time travel it represents. Is a Coffee Living Museum.

The Nevados

A small magical Spaniard town in Venezuelan Andes, 2000 meters above the sea level which kept last century lifestyle due to the isolation and difficulties of the road. Seat near the fire and listen ancient tales from the old times, taste the particular flavor of the natural products, enjoy traditional home made food and relax on the tranquility of this

Tropical Andes

One of the enchanting geological formation of the world, facing the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Amazon and Orinoco basins on the east, expanses through seven countries: Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and finally Venezuela. The Venezuelan Andes are located on the western side of the country. A place to find nice perfect weather under the Tropical sun,