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Hato El Cedral

Hato El Cedral

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   Is a cattle ranch located in the  heart of the Venezuelan plains, with an incredible ecological biodiversity internationally recognized

   An area of ​​53,600 hectares transformed to tap the huge tourism potential and productive agro it has.
Upon reaching the entrance to the herd await you 7.2 kilometers of dykes and embankments from where you can already appreciate the broad savannahs full of wildlife, so you get to Camp Matiyure,

The ranch has mainly accessible rooms with comfortable accommodations,

with A / C, private bath, refrigerator with

 two dining rooms, a swimming pool, caney, areas for outdoor activities, interactive lounge, breeding center, nursery, school, stable, docks for boating activities, among others.
Satellite TV, 2, 3 and 4,.

Creole food buffet  ( breakfasts, lunch and dinners )
typical variety of foods and juices included in all plans.

Laundry service
 Additional services available :, night walks, a la carte menu and drinks.


Activities :
    Large, small and grandparents, they can learn and enjoy at Camp Matiyure of Hato El Cedral, a well deserved rest at the edge of the pool with a prairie landscape, a journey full of adrenaline boat, an educational ride rustic, or spiritual contact with nature on foot or horseback ride are some of the proposals the ranch offer .

    A look at the first person in contact with nature, you'll need all your senses to appreciate so many wonders, each smell plain and cattle, the warm feeling of the landscape of plain with sun and humidity, the colossal sunsets postcard with the singing of birds such as background music, watch closely chigüires amazing animals, dolphins, crocodiles, anacondas, among others, definitely an experience.

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