Exploring Tourism in Venezuela
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Hi Willy ~~~ Both me and my father had a wonderful time during these days in Venezuela ~ Thank you very much!

Icp Group S.a

Graciela, I would like to send you a little report about the stay of our Group in Venezuela What is really important is that the customer is really satisfied , there are even people who write me it was the best trip of their life. Of course, thanks to your work! What really enjoy and loved travellers was - The Stay in Orinoco Delta - The overnight in Orinoco Delta Lodge (they loved the rooms!) - Trips made by Orinoco - Dinner in Caracas - the food, the atmosphere: 100% satisfaction. - Jeep Safari in Margarita - for everyone it was the coolest activity. They enjoy too much ! thanks for your work, did everything really well! I hope we have the opportunity to cooperate in the future! Ewa Weydmann ICP Group S.A Warszawa